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About this section (first read)!
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Auteur:  343 [ 26 okt 2011 18:01 ]
Berichtonderwerp:  About this section (first read)!

As a visitor and member you automatically agree with these rules and disclaimer.

Welcome at the English section of Ajax, on AjaxTotaal.nl. We just have a few simple rules to make discussions more enjoyable.

1. Write English and considering our Dutch members (Geen Nederlandse teksten dus, die worden verwijderd!). We understand perfectly that not every person is born to be an English translator, try to express yourself and don't mind a mistake.

2. Just have a quick look at your post, put dots and questionmarks where they belong. Don't use capslock. Mind that your postings should add some value to a discussion, don't be a spammer.

3. Show some respect to other posters, opinions may differ, but respect a should be the basics for every discussion. If you think someone is 'out of line' just warn a moderator.

4. English Ajaxsupporters but also supporters from other clubs, feel free to talk about your club. AjaxTotaal.nl is an open community and we enjoy having guests from all over the world as long as they show the proper bit of respect towards our members and club.

Are you a new member? Introduce yourself to you your fellow Ajax-fans!! :smileajax:

Auteur:  Cora [ 08 feb 2016 16:24 ]
Berichtonderwerp:  Re: About this section (first read)!

Hoi iedereen. Ik ben nieuw en moest me aanmelden van iemand 8-) Dus hier ben ik. Alvast een fijne avond.

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